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The terrorist attacks in Paris have dominated the entertainment news this week, apart from that, the new James Bond movie ‘Spectre’ is still leading the box office for the second week in a row. Here is a recap of the biggest headlines going around in the entertainment industry going round.

Singer, Madonna broke down in tears during a concert in Stockholm, Sweden. The 57-year old American pop singer could not hide her emotions expressing sadness for the unfortunate events that happened in Paris. She told the packed crowd at the ‘Tele-two’ Arena that she will not call off her ‘Rebel Heart’ tour because that’s what the terrorists would have wanted. She said,” They want to shut us up. They want to silence us. And we won’t let them.”

In Los Angeles, the expected premiere of last ‘Hunger Games Mockingjay 2′ movie was halted as a show of solidarity with the French people following the weekends’ terrorist attacks. Lionsgate CEO, Jon Feltheimer, while addressing the crowd gathered at the Microsoft square in L.A, stated that the action was taken because there were some scenes in the movie that were shot in Paris. He expressed grief with the French people saying,” We want to express our solidarity with the brave people of Paris and share our sympathy for grieving.”

Elsewhere, Khloe Kardashian shed further light into the unfolding drama surrounding her troubled spouse and former NBA star, Lamar Odom. Khloe revealed that her family urged her to leave the bedside of her spouse who is admitted following drug overdose in a popular massage parlour in Nevada. According to her, she was advised to leave his hospital bed where she had camped for three weeks and instead do something for herself, she said, ” Last everybody was stating,’Khloe, you need to escape the healing center and do something that is for you.”

Actor Charlie Sheen has also appeared in the entertainment news headlines; several unconfirmed rumours claim that the actor is HIV positive. Bree Olson who is a former adult film star and who had sexual relations with Sheen in the past took to social media to state that she is ‘clean’. Further speculation has been fuelled by Sheen himself who is expected to appear on ‘Today’s Show’ on Tuesday to make a ‘personal announcement’.

Finally, CBS have announced that they will pull down new episodes of their new series ‘Supergirl’. A statement on the TV network official website stated that another popular series ‘NCIS Los Angeles’ will also be pulled down. There is no official reason given. However, unconfirmed reports say the action was taken following the terrorist attacks in Paris.

postheadericon Kanye West Unhappy With Wife’s Family For Filming Lamar Odom While In The Hospital

Kanye West finally reveals that he is not cool with the Kardashians family for secretly filming Lamar Odom while still in hospital. “Even though Kanye loves his wife Kim Kardashian, along with the rest of her family, he is not happy with the violation of privacy,” reveals, an entertainment news website.

Kanye has always been reserved and usually puts up with the KUWTK series, but not this time. He describes the latest stunt by the Kardashians as crossing the line, and believes that the show should have given the Lamar’s family some privacy.

It is not exactly defined if Kanye West is blaming his wife’s family or if he is pointing figures at the organizers of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians TV entertainment show. It doesn’t matter though because the filming involved members of the Kardashians family, who probably should have stopped the filming.

A source close to the Kardashian family reveals, “Kanye West was so furious and completely unhappy when he realized that cameras had been sneaked into the hospital.”

The source goes further and points out that, “Kanye really believes that her wife’s family hit a low filming Lamar Odom in hospital. It was insensitive for them to pull off the stunt.”

Kanye West has always been reluctant to make appearances on the show, and maybe finally this would be an end to his children appearing on the show.

According to the source close to the family, “Kanye West does not want his new baby and North to make appearances on the KUWTK show and that he would like them to grow up away from the limelight.”

“Kanye believes that Kim, Khloe and their mom is exploiting Lamar, and he feels that Odom should be left alone to recover. This stunt was completely out of place and simply outrageous,” states a renowned entertainment news article.

Kanye West is standing up for Lamar’s family members, and for his son and daughter.

postheadericon Jennifer Lawrence, the highest grossing actress gets a platform to speak against gender marginalization in the industry

Jennifer Lawrence, known as Katniss, in what pundits have said will the classic movie of our time has had a meteoric rise in Hollywood At 25, Lawrence came up the top of the list of important people in Hollywood. She has been included in critical Hollywood publications like the Vulture to be the leading lady of this generation. Vulture named Lawrence in the aftermath of Forbes own publication that listed Jennifer Lawrence as the highest paid actress earning nearly $52 million in one year. The list of the most valuable movie stars is a big deal in Hollywood, actors and actresses who have made it the list over the years include Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt but over the course of time these the Pits have found themselves sliding down the totem Pole to number 16 and 15 this year. Another older actor who has been continuously named for things like this has been Leonardo DiCaprio who ranked third, a position below the perennial Robert Downey Jr.

To a large part Jennifer Lawrence has the “Hunger Games” to thank for her popularity and rise in the cutthroat entertainment scene of Hollywood. She has starred in other movies like X-Men, Silver lining playbook, Joy, Apocalypse and Passengers, which she co-wrote with Amy Schumer. The one movie that has shown how much depth Lawrence has as an actress is the movie “Winter’s Bone“ but she went on to to win an Oscar for Silver Lining Playbook – shutting up may critics. People set up and took notice and caused people to see more of her as just Katniss. She now reprises her role in “Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2” to lead a revolution. The world of cinema is a fickle world, movies lose their luster and favorite actresses quickly fade into obscurity Jennifer Lawrence has challenged the stereotypes about women in Hollywood. There’s a fire in her, a new-found confidence that has recently seen her challenging the gender wage gap in Hollywood; this could be her real life revolution.